Economy in heating

Economy in heating

LPG has a better efficiency during combustion and is one of the least polluting fuels resulting in being the most environmentally friendly and human fuel while also being the most economical solution.

Given that the calorific value of LPG, ie how much heat energy is delivered per liter of fuel, LPG is 6.61 KWh / lt and modern burner systems - LPG boilers have an efficiency of around 99%, each kWh of thermal energy that we receive with LPG costs about 0.0765 euros.

Energy savings in Heating and DHW

NTUA research - Comparison of heating worlds from different technologies

The following diagrams give a quick overview of the results of the research conducted by the National Technical University of Athens:

As we can see from the diagrams, the gas-liquefied condensing boilers have a cost of thermal energy of 0.076 € / kWth, therefore from an energy point of view it is a profitable and reliable solution for heating our space, in relation to oil, electric resistors, fireplaces. (conventional and energy). Except for heat pumps that have a cost of thermal energy of 0.063 € / kWth but much higher initial installation cost compared to a wall-mounted condensing LPG boiler.